A Cup Sleeve Is a Little Product That Can Make a Big Difference

It’s the little things that often make life better. A key hook placed by the door means you never have to tear the house upside down looking for the car keys, a magnetic grocery list means you can write things down as soon as you realize they’re missing from the fridge, and an earbud holder ensures you never have to detangle the cord before you can listen to your favorite new album.

At first glance, these products don’t seem like a big deal. We’re definitely not going to claim that you have to have an earbud organizer or a key hook to survive, but you’ll find that surviving everyday life is a lot easier when you use products like these.

A reusable cup sleeve

If you’re a parent, you know, among your many jobs, you’re a holder of things. Those things often include drinks. Little hands can find cups too hot or too cold, which means you’re stuck carrying the cup in addition to whatever else you happen to be carrying.

We can’t always blame the kids. Sometimes it’s our own fault. Have you ever grabbed a coffee at the gas station or the coffee shop and realized only after you entered your car that you forgot to pick up a cup sleeve? Now you either have to burn your hand to take a sip, or you have to wait for your drink to become lukewarm. Yuck!

It’s moments like these that encouraged In2TheNest to create reusable cup sleeves.

Instead of hunting down napkins or relying on your ability to remember to ask for a cup sleeve before you leave the coffee shop, you can make sure you always have a way to insulate your hands from hot and cold drinks with a reusable cup sleeve. Its compact size means that it takes up almost no room in your bag, so you always have it with you. With a cute design, you may even be able to get the kids to hold onto their own drinks!

Reusable cup sleeves are eco-friendly

You want the items you use on a day-to-day basis to make life more convenient, and we want to make sure we create products that are convenient too, but convenience isn’t all you care about.

Sustainability is a responsibility that we all have to our planet. As consumers, it’s our job to source items that are easy on the planet. It’s a manufacturer’s job to supply those kinds of products.

Any kind of reusable cup sleeve is more eco-friendly than a disposable product, but In2TheNest takes the sustainability of our products even further. Our fabric is made out of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and recycled plastic bottles are used to insulate our sleeves. We even use water-based pigments and dyes in the printing of our designs!

Use your stylish, reusable cup sleeves on disposable cold and hot cups, glass cups, stainless steel cups, reusable water bottles, and more. Simply throw your sleeve in the washing machine and lay it flat to dry. A reusable cup sleeve from In2TheNest really couldn’t be more convenient!