About Us

 At In2theNest, we believe we can all do our part to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable world. Often, it’s the little things that can have the greatest impact, like replacing disposable cup sleeves with reusable cup sleeves, or carrying reusable bags instead of using plastic.

 We want to be the change we want to see in the world, which means offering the kinds of products that make life more convenient, without impacting the environment in a negative way. We pride ourselves on creating products that are made out of eco-friendly materials and can be used again and again.

 The fabric we use is 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, our printing process uses water-based pigments, and the batting used in our products is made from recycled plastic bottles. Even our packaging contains wildflower seeds, so it can be planted in your garden!


 Just because our products are designed and constructed with sustainability in mind doesn’t mean they are any less stylish than other products. As a matter of fact, we would argue that our products are more chic than many others! That's because our prints are created by independent designers across the globe. Every one of our cute characters and colorful, eye-catching patterns is created by a real-life person who licenses the use of their hand-created designs to be used on our products.

 In addition to sourcing designs we know you’ll love, we also spend months researching and sourcing materials that are ethically made, and we manufacture our designs in the USA.


 We choose to do business this way because we know what’s at stake. Even the smallest changes in our day-to-day lives that are made possible by even the smallest businesses can have a huge impact on the planet when we all do it together. Whether it’s saying no to a disposable cup sleeve and pulling your own out of your purse, or bringing your own reusable produce bags to the supermarket, In2theNest is proud to support consumers everywhere who don’t want to sacrifice style and quality in the name of sustainability.